July 14, 2015

Black and White

JCrew Ikat Tulip Skirt; JCrew Camisole; JCrew Panama Hat; Madewell Mini Transport Bag; Joes Jeans Shoes
Lately, all I want to wear is black and white.  There's something effortless in the color palette.  It's timeless.  Minimal.  Sophisticated.  It's an attitude.  A coolness.  And no matter how dressed up or dressed down you are, it just always works.  My philosophy when it comes to style and design is, keep it simple darling.

July 11, 2015

Desert Sun

Prickly Pear For Love & Lemons Dress; UO Hat (Similar); Madewell Boots (Similar Here);
Kendra Scott Moon Bracelet; Cosabella Bralette 

In the desert sun,
your freckles they show.
And you can feel her now.
Right in-between your toes.
And you are as alone
as they all said you'd be.
And as the sun beats down,
hard upon your skin.
Yeah, you can feel her now.
All that you can go
A flower grows
and nobody asked it to.
A blue bird sings
and won't let herself go
out of tune.
-Sahara Pt. 1 by Bear's Den

July 5, 2015


Elizabeth Klein Beyond Vintage Romper: Anthropologie; Madewell Straw Mesa Hat;  Madewell Fest Aviator Sunglasses; Madewell Boots (Similar Here); Target Tote (Old); Kendra Scott Bracelets; Origami Owl Necklace
"I sometimes prefer all in-betweens…the open road…The anticipation, the unknown, the land on the other side, the momentum, the magic, the transition, and the run before the rise. Know that the journey is often more beautiful than the landing…Do let the voyage sweetly unfold. There's no need to rush the destination as rushing these sort of things is so sadly overrated. Carry on. Be with this path. Explore your current space. Flow."  - Victoria Erickson

May 27, 2015

I Want to Go

Song that Helped Inspire This Post:

There's something wild about an escape.  An open road with no direction.  No destination other than the view in front of you.  As I travel for miles and miles, the wide road grows narrower and changes from smooth pavement, into rough, red dirt.  It leaves a dusty trail of memories behind, as I speed out of this town, faster than I can catch a glimpse of your eyes, in the rear view mirror. There's something dangerous when the signs disappear.  Leaving nothing to guide me home.  And I'm scared I don't want to go back…
There's something cautious in the wind.  The way it pushes against the acceleration of my speed. As if it's saying, slow down...enjoy this.  This moment is all you have.  So I roll the windows down. I find a song.  And I escape further and further away from you.  Or is it further towards you… Either way, I drive on and seek the holiness of the sun.  I chase the trails of disappearing rainbows around every corner.  And I am reminded that nothing beautiful lasts forever.  So in every attempt to fight against this, I pull off the side of the road.  I sit on the top of my car.  I get my feet dirty; my hair messy. I tilt my head towards the sky, and surrender to the raindrops that smoothly pour onto my dry, bare skin.  Kissing it with goosebumps…cleansing my soul.  And in this moment, although fleeting. Although beautiful.  I find myself destroyed.  I find myself whole.

May 24, 2015

Lime Ricki Swim Wear

Lime Ricki Swim Briefs - absolutely LOVE these!
Lime Ricki Swim Top
all items c/o
It's that time of year again….swim suit season!!!  I'm not sure where you land on the side of that statement.  Buuuuut, if you're anything like me and search for the perfect fitting suit, make sure to check out Lime Ricki for super cute, yet modest styles.  I'll be living in mine for the rest of Memorial Weekend!!

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