May 27, 2015

I Want to Go

Song that Helped Inspire This Post:

There's something wild about an escape.  An open road with no direction.  No destination other than the view in front of you.  As I travel for miles and miles, the wide road grows narrower and changes from smooth pavement, into rough, red dirt.  It leaves a dusty trail of memories behind, as I speed out of this town, faster than I can catch a glimpse of your eyes, in the rear view mirror. There's something dangerous when the signs disappear.  Leaving nothing to guide me home.  And I'm scared I don't want to go back…
There's something cautious in the wind.  The way it pushes against the acceleration of my speed. As if it's saying, slow down...enjoy this.  This moment is all you have.  So I roll the windows down. I find a song.  And I escape further and further away from you.  Or is it further towards you… Either way, I drive on and seek the holiness of the sun.  I chase the trails of disappearing rainbows around every corner.  And I am reminded that nothing beautiful lasts forever.  So in every attempt to fight against this, I pull off the side of the road.  I sit on the top of my car.  I get my feet dirty; my hair messy. I tilt my head towards the sky, and surrender to the raindrops that smoothly pour onto my dry, bare skin.  Kissing it with goosebumps…cleansing my soul.  And in this moment, although fleeting. Although beautiful.  I find myself destroyed.  I find myself whole.

May 24, 2015

Lime Ricki Swim Wear

Lime Ricki Swim Briefs - absolutely LOVE these!
Lime Ricki Swim Top
all items c/o
It's that time of year again….swim suit season!!!  I'm not sure where you land on the side of that statement.  Buuuuut, if you're anything like me and search for the perfect fitting suit, make sure to check out Lime Ricki for super cute, yet modest styles.  I'll be living in mine for the rest of Memorial Weekend!!

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May 18, 2015

I Am I Will

Topshop Crop Tee; Madewell Straw Mesa Hat; Origami Owl Living Locket; Bracelet: Kendra Scott;
Gorjana Hand Chain
Last week was a pretty rough week. There were lots of challenging moments. Lots of moments where I felt the fire within myself burning out. But sometimes, the best part about challenges is the break through. It's like the Universe gives you this checkpoint, prompting you to look within yourself and figure out what you could improve upon. Because you know you could be better. You know you could do better. I made this list of affirmations - all the things I believe and want to believe. Who I am, who I will be. I am sharing it with you, as a means of putting it out into the Universe.  You know, the wonderful Law of Attraction, and all that. ;)

I am happy.
I am healthy.  I will live a long life.
I will treat my body like a temple.
I am creative.  I am smart.  I am talented.
I will feed my mind with new ideas and knowledge.
I will create.
I will put others before myself.
I will see the beauty in all things.  All people.  I will see the beauty in myself.
I am positivity.  I will radiate positivity.  
I will not allow anyone to break my spirit or set the barometer to my happiness.  
I am life.  I project life.  
I am soul.  And I will recognize and honor the souls in others.
I will fill my soul with all good things.
I am brave.  I will be brave no matter what life throws my way.  
I am adventure.  I will continue to travel the world.
I will live with an open heart.
I will find the truest form of love.
I will attract all good things.
I will love more. 
I will trust.
I will reach out more.  I will give more.
I will put down my phone and listen.
I will live less from my ego.
I will be calm, steady and confident.
I will strive to empower others.
I will be a leader.
I will weather all storms.  I will always rise above.
I am not my past mistakes.  The present belongs to me.
I am made of immense light.  I am made of stars.
I will shine more.  
I will give more hugs.  Like the twenty second kind.
I will achieve anything I want to achieve.
I will live abundantly.  
I will be open to the Universe and follow it's promptings.
I will follow my heart.
I will follow God's path.
I will be kind.

What are some affirmations of your own?  I encourage you to write them down.  :)

The song I listened to when I wrote this post:

April 1, 2015

South By Southwest Style

Blazer, Blouse, Loafers: Madewell; Jewelry: JCrew; Shorts and Hat: Urban Outfitters
Just the basics for my trip to Austin for South By Southwest.  I find myself continuing to gravitate towards men's fashion.  From loafers to oversized button ups, pin stripes and loose blazers.  The palette of black, white and denim complement the effortless side of me.  In fact, I could live in white tees and denim all day, every day prrrrobably for the rest of my life.  It's really the only two wardrobe essentials I need.

January 18, 2015


Dress: FreePeople; Photos by Carlee Komar

This is a story of a girl.  A girl who’s heart was made of sunsets.  She loved a boy, who’s eyes were made of moonlight.  Together they stood on the edge of the world, overlooking the deep blue sea.  As she gazed into his eyes, he spoke the words she longed to hear.  “I belong to you,” he whispered, as the words carried through the wind, falling on the ears of clouds.  He reached out and grabbed her hand, delicately knotting a string around her finger.  It was a reminder that no matter the distance between them, he would always be tied to her.  As he began revealing all the mysteries of his heart, the girl vanished into thin air.  A violent gust of wind had carried her away, tumbling her through the sky.  You see, the sky wanted to possess the girl like it possessed the sun, the moon and all of the stars - vowing to love her better, than the boy ever could.  
As the girl traveled through time and space, the wind that tore her from the earth, finally surrendered her body to a cloud, where she laid transformed.  Sparkling.  The rays of sunlight had woven pink into her hair, and kissed her skin golden, with the scent of heaven.  There, she laid her head to find her dreams, and fell asleep.  For even though her heart was made of sunsets, it belonged to a boy, who's eyes were setting.
The boy didn’t know what happened to the girl.  As the night turned into day, and the day turned into a week, and a week into a month, and a month into a year - and a year into a century - the boy waited on the edge of that cliff for her return.  He battled all the elements of the sky - from the scorching heat to the numbing cold.  From torrential downpours of rain to passionate bursts of wind - he never faltered.  Instead, he endured, no matter how weathered or weary he had become.  His heart lived for return...
When the girl finally awoke, high amongst the clouds, she could see the boy.  Waiting, where she was taken from him.  She screamed his name!  She waved her arms frantically, and jumped up and down. But it was no use.  The boy could not see her.  The boy could not hear her...  
She became so tormented watching him from afar, noticing the moon rise and fall in his eyes every night.  The girl looked down at her hand, as a tear fell from her eye onto earth, and remembered the string.  Still tied.  Still whole.
She was growing restless, desperately wanting him to know that she watched over him, and that she loved him infinitely.  So, every morning and every night, she collected all the particles of light and scattered them across the sky, painting him all the stories of her heart.  
Day after day, the boy stood on the edge, watching the changing colors of the sky up above.  He began to live for these moments of rises and sets.  For, they spoke to him in ways that only he could understand.  Each one entered his soul, bringing peace to fill his missing pieces.  They were the passion, the fury, the beauty, and all the subtleties of the love the boy had come to know.  Of the love he lived for.  Of the love he thought he lost…

Song that I listened to writing this post:  
"All Things All at Once" - Tired Pony