September 12, 2014


Dress: Morgan James, Photography: Shalyn Nelson
Sillage (n.) pronunciation 'sE-yazh:
The scent that lingers in the air, the trail left in the water, the impression made in space after something, or someone has been gone.
Some things, some, indescribable things, become delicate aches of sweet longing.  Like the smell of cologne that traces through the air.  Or the imprint on your skin after his hand disappears.  The cursive lines left from a kiss.  Or the parentheses of a smile.  A place; a hallway.  A moment; a feeling.  The contrails of the plane as it leaves, writing his name in clouds.  The dot dot dot.  And all the time spent spinning inside clocks.  The silhouette you see when you close your eyes.  The melody that plays when the song ends.  The constellations I've built from maps drawn of your freckles.  And how, no matter what I do, your love never escapes me.

September 8, 2014

A Dream

Dress: Morgan James, Photography: Shalyn Nelson
I'd like to distract each other.  To not know pressure, or drain, or ticking clocks or fleeting time.  To know that this is enough to trust we can leave our maps behind.  I'd like to be free with you.  Replacing chairs with gentle ground, windows with open space.  I'd like to memorize your hands, your voice, your smile.  And to know, and remember this hour, this day, this place.

July 28, 2014

Morgan James Look Book Video

Check out this little video we shot for Morgan James!  

July 23, 2014

Morgan James Launch

Dress: Morgan James; Vest: Morgan James: Hat: TopShop 
Photo Credit: So Shay

I recently had the opportunity to fly to Dallas and do some modeling for my now friend, Morgan Hunt of the blog A Treasure Hunt.  She recently created and launched an amazing clothing line of the most delicate and dreamy pieces, called Morgan James.  Every image was photographed by the amazing Shay Nelson of the blog So Shay.  I had the best time with these gals.  It's great to be surrounded by like-minded, creative and positive people!  I'm so grateful to have collaborated on this and I am ridiculously excited for Morgan!  This is the first outfit of many I will share with you!  Make sure to jump on over to her site, Morgan James, and check out the latest in fashion!

June 24, 2014

The Story of Your Life

Top: JCrew; Skirt:Alexandra Grecco

If you were the protagonist in a novel written by your favorite author, what would you want your story to look like? Where would it take place? What would you do?  Who would be your supporting characters?
Now, look at the cover. Don't judge it. And don't skip to the end {that's cheating}.  Just take your time and flip through the worn pages. Get comfortable, because you will be here for a while.

While reading The Incredible, Beautiful and Sometimes Messy Story of You (that title is working and open for interpretation, of course), maybe you will find marked highlights of magical and beautiful moments that moved you so much, you never want to forget them. Or maybe, you will come across the jagged remains of missing pages that have been ripped out from the times you wish you could forget. Maybe you will laugh out loud hysterically. Or maybe.  There will be pages that catch your inked tears...

While reading your story, do you like who you are? Is it everything you dreamed it could be? 

Let me say that again. Is your story everything you dreamed it could be?

I hope you say yes.

For a long time, I found myself saying no. I desperately began searching for answers. My heart ached and yearned for resolution. I knew an ordinary life would never interest me because I knew I couldn't settle on anything that I didn't touch with my whole heart.

So, I picked up a pen. Started crossing things out, and began re-writing. I found new words to define who I am; Confident. Strong. Creative. Smart. Enough….I found new characters who began teaching me amazing things about life and allowing me to open up again.  I revisited old characters because at times when you feel most alone, that's when you really learn how to be a friend.  I closed chapters and opened new ones. And began doodling along with the words that now suddenly became poetic. I changed my story because I wanted to change my life.  And decided that no one can write it but me.  Not even my favorite authors.  {Ok Fine.  Nicholas Sparks.  You can take a stab at it.}  

I don't know how my story will end.  But I have faith that it will be filled with adventure, passion, vivacious life, and a love that move mountains.  Right now, I'm just at peace reading what's on the page in front of me. I skim the words with my finger.  I turn the page softly, and savor the story.  Even in it's incompleteness, I am still whole.  And I am still beginning.  Even though my pages are weathered.  Worn.  Torn out.  Rippled from catching inked tears.  I still know, that the very best moments of my life are up ahead. 

And isn't that something to keep reading for?