August 2, 2011


Taking outfit posts lately is starting to become grueling because I am fighting with my camera and the weather.  So.  Here are a few of my favorite songs this summer and a reason why I love them.  I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Young Blood - The Naked and Famous.  So Poetic. - "We lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight.  You keep my secrets hope to die.  Promises, swear them to the sky."
2. I Would Do Anything For You - Foster the People.  "Oo la la."  Catchy chorus.  And I would do anything for you.  Well, almost anything. 
3. Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun.  This song is just straight up cool.  'Nuff said.     
4.  Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders.  Best part of the song, 2.41.
5. Party Anthem - LMFAO.  I could dance to this song all night long.  In fact, I have.
6. Best Night - LMFAO  Sorry for party rocking.  
7. Room at the End of The World - Matt Nathanson.  "Sad can't catch me or call me baby."
8.  Kept - Matt Nathanson.  Vulnerable and palpable.  I can feel him.  Well not literally, but you know what I mean.
9. Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owen.  I want to dance around barefoot in blue jeans to this song!
10.  Dancing Shoes - Green River Ordinance.  Love. Love. Love.  Hubby can I get a slow dance please?
11. Long Hot Summer - Keith Urban.  Yes it is a long hot summer.  And I'll be loving this hot song for a long time!

What are some of your favorite songs this summer?!


D!ANA said...

LOVE <3 Long Hot Summer..... and who wouldst want to dance around barefoot and in blue jeans!!!! Love it!!!!

DelbaMé said...

You look gorgeous in this photo! And I will have to check out this playlist. I must save my new fave song is You and Tequila by Kenny Chesney.


catkozuch said...

LOVE Young Blood - The Naked and Famous!!

I'm listening to these songs right now...I think you will like them!
Pinback - Good To Sea
Temper Trap- Fader
Dr. Dog- Heart It Races
Landon Pigg - Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
The Foster People- Pumped up kicks

Just to name a few!!! I am obsessed with music!!! Love this post!!!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Love your list! Long Hot Summer rocks!


Fashion Fractions

Tucker said...

oh i love your list - going to go check out a few i don't know, now (:


Macy Young said...

I loove all theses songs! Great list!


Holly said...

#9 is pretty much my summer anthem!

Alisha said...

Great list Katie!! Loving Party Anthem too! Now I have to check out the other ones I don't know :)

B. in the Know said...

I love The Naked and Famous - cannot get enough of them!
Much love,

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

party anthem is the best! i'm always loving "on the floor" by J-lo and "super bass" by nikki. great list!

Emily Marie said...

Barefoot Jean Night is one of my favs right now! I'll have to DL some of the ones on there that I don't have. Thanks for the suggestions!

Nikki said...

thanks for this post! I was in desperate need for some new tunes ^^ I'll check 'em out asap ^^ x

Emily said...

Loving me some Keith Urban too!

Emily http;//

Suburbs of Utopia said...

summer anthems are my favourite!!

Top 3 Songs I'm currently listening to:
Peter Bradley Adams - Longer I Run
Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
Bon Iver- Skinny Love

Thanks for the awesome new music! Love Shooting Stars


Allie said...

You have great taste in music! Will definitely check out these songs! Thanks!
xx Allie

Katie said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I downloaded several of these, I've needed some new tunes!

Katy said...

Oh my gosh, I have been OBSESSED with "Young Blood" this summer. It's soooo good and so very summer-y sounding. I also love anything Matt Nathanson. Great songs! I don't know if you like or have heard of Texas Country music, but all many of my summer favorites have been by the Turnpike Troubadours..."Every Girl", 7&7", and "Long Hot Summer Day".

Anonymous said...

Foster the People...the entire album is perfection. :)

.Candy. said...

Looove Matt Nathanson and Empire of the Sun too!!!

Sarah @ said...

I love love LOVE your summer playlist! I added so many to my Favorites :) Thank you for sharing!


The WholeFamDamily said...

i love all the songs you posted! i'll definitely be adding them to my playlist and downloading them! i have a lot of songs on my playlist on my blog that are cool and slightly mellow cuz..well, it's my blog and i can't blast them with Party Rock when they come to read, even though i'd LOVE to..hahahaa! i love upbeat dance song, they're on my faves, great suggestions!!


LV said...

Nice list! Gorgeous photo too

Myrna said...

Wow, that's a good mix :) I have been dying for Two Door Cinema Club , Miike Snow, The Strokes and of course emabarrassing as it is I love the new Pitbull /NeYo song :)ha.

C said...

If there ever was a time to say it, this is it: YOU ROCK!

Sheila said...

good playlist! love your blog

Rachael said...

Listening to the Matt Nathanson song, and I'm liking it!
Like the Jake Owen and the Keith Urban song-I'm a country music lover.
Love your song choices! Love hearing what other people like.

Erin [LUXE + lace] said...

Love the Foster the People song; so good! Thank you for sharing.