February 29, 2012


Skirt: TJMaxx; Shirt & Blazer: Nordstroms BP; Earrings: H&M; Purse: Francesca's Collection; Flats: Tory Burch

Here are some ABC questions and answers.  I wrote this a while ago, and figured I'd post it today, after I decided not to post what I actually wrote.  Maybe I'll save that for a later date too.
Age: 27.  I'm starting to get old.
Bedsize: King.
Chores that you hate: Folding laundry and cleaning wood floors.
Dogs:  Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Tayla and Bentley.
Essential start to your day:  Getting my snuggles in.  
Favorite color: Turquoise.
Gold or Silver:  I'm kind of partial to gold lately.
Height: 5 feet/8 inches.
Instruments you play: Piano and air guitar/drums/sax/whatever.
Job title: Paralegal.
Kids: Only the made up ones in my head.
Live: Scottsdale, Arizona.
Mother's Name: Carol, but Mom to me
Nicknames: Kate, Doll Baby (from my Dad), Boo, Ryn
Overnight hospital stays: Once.
Pet peeves:  Rude drivers/Rude people.
Quote from a movie or tv show"I don't wake up in the morning and wonder what's for breakfast.  I wonder, what's for life!"
Right or Lefty:  Righty.
Siblings: I have an older brother and older sister.  I'm da baby!
Time you wake up:  As late as I can.  Usually somewhere around 7:00.
Underwear:  Yes?
Vegetable you hate:  Cucumbers.  Especially in pickle form.
What makes you run late: Getting ready.
X-Rays You've Had:  Recently had a cat scan of my head.
Yummy food you make:  Chocolate souffles. 
Zoo Animal:  Orangutans.


Frannie Pantz said...

You're a paralegal????? NO WAY! So am I!!! What field of law? I am in family law. That is so cool! I'm glad that you posted this and I love your pretty skirt!

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

that maxi skirt is so darling on and the print on it is AMAZING

xo kaitlin

ECB said...

DITTO on Frannie's comment! I'm a paralegal as well in Seattle, WA! Haha. Love the outfit! Fab bun!



Nicki said...

Love this post, (I might steal it). Also, I want that skirt! If my TJMAXX doesn't have it here, I'm gonna be upset. You are such a MAXXanista.

little said...

i love your skirt. now i really think i need to go check out tjmaxx.

love, little.

Mere and the Mister said...

I love that skirt and enjoyed reading your ABC's

LisaC said...

Awesome skirt!

WearAbouts said...

so cool that you're a paralegal! Would love to know more about that :)
Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

Maca said...

Loved reading your ABC's and "getting to know you".
Also, amazing outfit, you look gorgeous!

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Love the skirt and you look much taller than 5'8" :)

Courtney said...

love the skirt!

Also, I just thought I'd let you know I'm giving away a Clarisonic Mia on my blog! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. You can gain up to 10 entries! Here’s a link xx

Purposely at Home said...

your ABC's were great and THAT SKIRT...it's just too u-mazing!! I think a trip to TJMaxx is in store for me. :)


jas said...

LOVE everything about this look particularly the skirt! definitely pinning this look later :)


Ashley said...

I am in love with your skirt...We're the same age!!

Stesha said...

looooooving that skirt miss!

Megan said...

love this. love you. the end.

MrsLord said...

Ditto to ^^^Megans comment.


Ginny @ Chasing Sunshine said...

Love this outfit and your ABCs!
XOXO Ginny

CessOviedo said...

Love that striped skirt, love how you made it so chic and put together! Orangutans? that makes you even cooler!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

really enjoyed reading this post and finding out more about you :) love the look, as always :)


Fashion Fractions

SassAFrass said...

I love this out. Especially that skirt! It was fun to read your ABC list. Always fun to find out more about others. I also have the nickname Boo, given to me by by beloved as a joke and now its stuck.
Thanks for posting

Shabana said...

I love your outfit! Great styling!!
I loved your ABC's. Very creative!

Mehak said...

The skirt is to die for... and it looks so good on you....

Loved reading the ABC's

My favorite color is turquoise too.. It was one of my wedding colors...
and I too hate cleaning wooden floors!! :) :)

Sandra said...

What a great TJ Maxx find! And I'm so surprised that you don't work a fashion type of job. Makes me feel so much more inspired :)

with love,

Perpetuity said...

What a great skirt, I cant believe you scored that from TJ Maxx!

Cathy said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am in love with that skirt!

Tiana said...

i LOVE that skirt! stripes are so classic and look good on just about everyone :)

you pull them off stunningly
tiana of l'esthetique

Charity said...

I love those little questionnaires! Your skirt is gorgeous. I love shopping at TJMaxx; it makes finding amazing stuff like that all the more exciting. ;)


sarah said...

Great way to get to know you more. Love the idea and the print on the maxi. I've given up shopping for Lent so hopefully it's available at TJ Maxx after Easter :) Your blog is fantastic! Big fan.

Life Interlaced said...

It is totally a week for buns!


Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

You had a CAT scan of head! I also got one today to check for sinus infections. What was yours for? Hope you are well now whatever it was! :)

ECoop said...

So sad that skirt is from TJMAXX and not somewhere I can go to directly and find it. Love, love, love! Great find!

Char said...

You loooook amazing! I love the maxi! I am searching and searching for one at the moment with no such luck!
Char xo

Mrs Independent said...

I'm convinced cleaning wood floors while having dogs is a losing battle....yet I do every week anyway. Love your skirt!

LaurenHoya said...

Would love to know how you get your hair into such a perfect bun! And also - share your chocolate souffle recipe sometime?

Abbey said...

Your hair is gorgeous here! :-)

Lesleigh said...

Awe Cavaliers, of course! Obviously they are the best. PS I adore that clutch!

Anonymous said...

Did you get the skirt recently- it's fab!

Lauren Cooper said...

we are probably soul mates...I HATE cucumbers in pickle form also.....no one seems to understand! :)


gyy said...

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Christa said...

To join the 1,000 people who have said this already- your top knot is AMAZING.


Amanda said...

Turquoise is my fave too! I just recently found your blog, so it's fun to learn a bit about you! :)

kate said...

what brand is the skirt????


Aw, 27 is not old. I'm older!! ;) And I had no idea that you were a Paralegal that's amazing... love this list, and learning more about you, how fun!! xo veronika

Heather said...

Love what you wrote! So fun! And I love that you got your skirt from TJMaxx! I get some of my favorite pieces from there.


thecredibilitygap said...

oh my goodness is that skirt incredible.

Londyn said...

Wow - I adore your blog and your style is amazing. I'm 28, so let's keep that "getting old" business on the DL :)

Allycia said...

I've been on the hunt from a zig zag/striped maxi skirt! Gotta love TJ Maxx. These ABCs were so cool, I may do for my site and I'll link back to you!!


Melinda said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit!The contrast of patterns and the colours, love it all!


Kaari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Please please please look on the tag and tell us the brand of the skirt.

kristen said...

um. ok, can we please be shopping buddies? you are so cute. that skirt is just the best.

Samantha said...

Love this..I'm going to do this survey on my blog tomorrow! And could your outfit be any more fabulous?! Such a great way to style a maxi!


The Wooden Spool said...

This skirt is gorgeous! Do you mind sharing the label on the tag? I'm trying to track one down. Super cute!

Jessica said...

Ahh i'm obsessed with this outfit! Its sooo freakin cute! I can't believe that skirt is from TJ Max! wow! its so cute!

Ro said...

My best friend Ashley at House of Glass was talking to me about an "abc" blog idea and just showed me this post... and I love it!

I live in Scottsdale and my momma's name is Carol too! Small world :)

Super cute outfit btw!


Joanne M said...

I totally didn't know you lived in Scottsdale. I feel like I could run into you whenever know, lol! Don't worry, I won't stalk!

Love your blog:)

Barry and Rena said...

Just found your blog via Lee La La and I am in love. I neeeed that skirt, could you tell me what brand it is or where I can find a similar one online?

Ryana said...

Hi i really love your blog as it full of skirt ;)...

I am crazy for skirt.


R alden
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Parker Hayes said...

Absolutely lovee that outfit!! I love your blog too! :) I found it through pinterest a minute ago and it's great!!

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