May 20, 2014

Happy Beautiful

Why hello there.  It's nice to see you again.  Or, see you for the first time.  Either way, I like exactly where we are at.  I have been away for a while.  Keeping my heart and words locked up.  Safe from judgement.  Safe from others.  Even safe from myself.  {How will I feel ever again....}  But with a new outlook on life, I am ready to finally let go and embrace what's ahead.  You see, it's all about the journey, you and I.  

When I started my blog over three years ago, I realized something.  Overthinking about happiness leads to unhappiness.  I am always in my head.  It is both a blessing and a curse how deeply I can feel things, and how much I can battle my own soul.  But, time heals all wounds, and eventually, if you continue to push yourself forward, you don't have to search for it; happiness finds you.

As I said, it's all about the journey.

Today, I don't focus so much on happiness.  It is always something I am striving for.  Something I am running towards.  But a little wisdom has taught me, to simply let it exist.  I focus now, on creating beauty.  Beauty in my words and in my actions.  Beauty in my relationships with others, and my relationship with myself.  Finding the beauty in ordinary moments.  And even more important, making those ordinary moments beautiful.  I want to make others happy, not just myself.  So that's where this blog finds us today.  You, me, happiness, life and beauty.  I hope you will stick around as I wear a few cute clothes, but mostly my heart, along the way.  I find it to be my most fearless accessory.


Lisa Anderson said...

You look beautiful Katie and so is this new outlook of yours! LOVE IT!!! xoxo said...

I love your blog, and I'm glad to see you back again! Cheers to happiness :)

Kenny said...

You're a brave and wise young soul...keep on keeping on. And please keep writing these great posts. They're very inspiring.

Librarian Lavender said...

Such a wonderful post, it's really inspiring. I love your dress! And good luck!

Christina D. said...

Beautiful words! I definitely agree, and although I just found your blog, I'm glad to see that you're more comfortable on the journey towards finding your happiness. It's definitely very important!

Ashley @ Your Jubilee said...

So glad you are back! May happiness find you at every corner!

Stacey said...

I love your blog. You have wonderful thoughts and are beautiful! Where is that dress from btw? ;-)

Katie (Feuz) Nielsen said...

Where do I find that dress??

Rachael {All Things Beautiful} said...

YAY! You are back! I couldn't be happier that you're back to writing AND that you are returning with a revived outlook on happiness and your life. You look stunning as always! I can't wait for more posts and continued happiness for you. xoxo

Rory said...

Love your new outlook, you are amazing. Beautiful inside and out!

sophistifunk said...

Welcome back! You look absolutely stunning :)

Yvonne Laura said...

Love your hair! You remind me of blake lively in this photos

From Foothills to Fog said...

I'm so happy you're back! You are as radiant and lovely as ever! Can't wait to follow along as you strive for beauty in life. I am always in my head too, and can totally relate to what you said. Glad you're back!

Julie Espinoza Malm said...

I found your Instagram as a fellow Arizonian and really enjoy your fashion posts, but reading your blog for the first time, leaves me enjoying your heart and your transparency the most! As a counselor by trade, I come across the pursuit of happiness a lot in my office. If you haven't read it, "The Happiness Trap" by Russ Harris is wonderful and is right in line with your words today. Thank your for bringing this perspective to the fashion/lifestyle blogger world. Kudos to you on your new transformative journey :-)

Emma Walker said...

YOU are beautiful inside and out!

Emma| With A City Dream

Natali said...

Welcome back! I could "see" myself in every single word of this post! I'm exactly the same and I'm in exactly the same kind of "period" of my life where all I want is to be happy, make others happy and enjoy in everyday life and all the small things which are BIG things!

prettipenny said...

So glad you are back! I am going through a divorce and struggling a bit with seeking out happiness, so this post really spoke to me.

jess buckley said...

absolutely stunning!

Buffalo Gal said...

Kate, I love this in so many you, and love that your happy.

Buffalo Gal said...

Kate, I love this in so many you, and love that your happy.

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such amazing photos, dear! :)

ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page
ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

Kacie Firkins said...

These shots are absolutely goregous, and so is your outlook on life! I look forward to following your journey!

Mrs. E said...

Welcome back, Katie! It's so good to hear you're back in to your blog. I'll never forget the wonderful email response you sent me nearly a year ago when I asked you about blogging. Big hugs from this gal in sunny California :)

Faith said...

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! I've awaited this return for a while, silly of me, I know.

Great post too, love your outlook!

Tori said...

Very excited to see more of your blog and your words of wisdom! I can really relate to this post and over thinking happiness! And you look gorgeous in these photos so that is always a plus :)


Venoma said...

Beautiful photos!

Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary
XoXo Venoma

Amy Elise Allen said...

Beautiful post and words as always.

Melanie said...

YAY! I'm so happy you made your way back. I always look forward to your posts. You were one of the first bloggers that inspired me to start my own, along with inspiring me with fashion, hair and loving myself. Thanks for being such an amazing girl! You deserve all the happiness in the world. Love ya and big hugs!

xo Mel
turquoise blonde

BryanaEllen said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous. And I love your thoughts in this post.
Good luck with all your journeys :)

Linh Vo said...

Glad to see you back! :) Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and being so vulnerable to us.

Savannah Thomas said...

I like that you are real. It feels so relatable to hear you say these things, thank you so much!!

Maria said...

You are BREATHTAKING! Welcome back :) We've missed you!

Maria xx

Huong said...

I'm SOO happy you're back, Kate! I've missed you! I look forward to your posts once again. :) XO

bess barnes said...

I'm so glad you are back! I love everything about this post. You are beautiful and your words are beautiful. Can't wait to read more from you!

Carla Barry said...

So happy you are back! I loved your blog and I although I follow you on IG it's not quite the same :) I hope whatever you have and are going through does find you at happiness somewhere along th e way!!!! Keep moving forward-we all are in our heads sometimes-you learn and move on and hopefully arrive at a better place:) looking forward to more posts!!

Andrea Hill said...

So happy to see your words and beauty!! Can't wait to read more!

Hanna Lei said...

You look beautiful, glad you're back! -Hanna Lei said...

Beautiful blog post! I love this! Inspiring. Natural. Fearless. xoxo Katie

Lea Frazier said...

I'm glad you're back! I can feel your pain on the quest for happiness and love what you said about finding beauty.

Looking forward to reading more!


By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Couldn't agree more with your beautiful & heartfelt sentiments. And... so awesome to have you back, yay!!! You've been missed!! xoxo

Miss Pippi said...

Beautiful look! I am glad you are back!

Sara Louise said...

You look beautiful, beautiful and happy! :)

Sara Louise said...

You look beautiful, beautiful and happy! :)

snowprincess said...

You are so beautiful! ♥

pearls on a string said...

I love this message, so thoughtful and honest. I also am back to blogging after a long hiatus. It's scary and wonderful to be back. I am glad that you are, too.


Andréa Viza said...

you look amazing and so glad you are back :)



Krysten Quiles said...

That is such a wonderful outlook to have!

Victoria said...

YAY, you're back! You were one of the first fashion blogs I started following and you instantly became a huge favorite of mine. Yes, you are stunning and dress fabulous, but what makes you stand out from the rest is that you are a talented writer and write from the heart. Looking forward to more posts from you!

jojo said...

There ain't nothing wrong with re-inventing of one's self. Wishing you all the best!


Paige said...

Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, your life, and your style!

Coco Cami said...

This was a very inspirational and wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your advice about happiness. You are beautiful! I love your blog and I have started following you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!
Camille xo.

Tia Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tia Marie said...

I've enjoyed your blog in the past, but I think this is what we need. Yes, some cute clothes, of course, but less bloggers just showcasing consumerism (empty happiness) and someone to model inner beauty. I'm glad you are answering that call, and I especially love that you desire to make others happy as well as yourself. I think by doing that you will find more than happiness, but true joy. :)

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عصام ابراهيم said...

Overthinking about happiness leads to unhappiness. I am always in my head. It is both a blessing and a curse how

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