June 16, 2014

The Inner Quest

I got together over the weekend with the insanely talented photographer and one of my best friends, Carlee, of Oh! Snap Photography. She is a true master at capturing people and light. We work together every day as a team and I couldn't ask for a better partner day in and day out! Plus, she has the best laugh on earth, hands down. So I get to hear that every day too.

For this shoot, we hiked Papago Peak just before sunset. The scenery and light were gorgeous. The climate dipped in temperature to feel mildly comfortable. But that wind. It just wanted to dance. And play with my hair. And not let us get a shot in. But in the end, we teased back with it, and were able to capture what we sought.

For the last pic I had this idea of writing a quote that I love on my back. The quote is,
"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. Beauty is about have a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul."
It's kind of a mantra of my life. After almost thirty years of living, I am re-defining what beauty means to me. I know people will look at me or these pictures and say, "Yes, you're beautiful." To you, I say, "Thank you." And I know others will think think the opposite. And I say, "Thank you," to you as well. You see, quite honestly, it doesn't matter to me. I want the people who can look past my exterior, and see what lies beneath. It requires a second look, a hundredth look, a thousand-th look. It's scenic, so take the long way around.

For the first time in my life, I am embracing and celebrating finally feeling comfortable in my own skin after dealing with insecurities my whole life. Insecurities caused by my mind, insecurities caused by others, and insecurities caused by the world. But once I got past all of that, it's like the smoke cleared, the dust settled, and I could see who I am clearly, and in a different light. It was a long journey to reach that point though. There were days I would look at myself in the mirror and think, you are nothing. But then someone told me, when you look at those eyes in the mirror, know God is staring right back. He created me, He created you, in his image.

Today, I am on a journey to seek to know who I am underneath it all. It's the next great quest of my life....to know and understand the beauty of my inner being. If it takes the next thirty years of my life to figure it out, then so be it. As long as I can continue learning to navigate who I am in my relation to others, to the Universe, and to God. After all, those are the truly beautiful things in life anyways. Not me. You.


Kori said...

Beautiful photos honey! Kori xoxo www.blondeepisodes.com

Librarian Lavender said...

Great post! The photos are amazing! And it's great to finally find some self confidence. Beauty comes from within and it's a shame some people feel the need to say something negative. It doesn't help anyone... Keep the good feeling!

Ashley said...

This is beautiful Kate and you look stunning in these pictures!!! You are definitely an inspiration!!

Xo Ash
Sincerely Miss Ash

Hanna Lei said...

These pictures are fantastic -Hanna Lei

Olivia Martin said...

Kate, I think you are an absolutely beautiful girl, and you have great style. And I commend you for searching your heart and pushing towards something better and more important than clothes (although I do love your fashion posts!) I do however think there is a disconnect between your words in your last couple of posts and what you’re showing us. If beauty truly is a pretty heart and soul, then why is your post all about your pretty face and pretty body in your pretty clothes? You say that you want people to look past your beauty and see what’s underneath, but then you send us a complete opposite message when you post all these beautiful pictures of your beautiful (outward) self. I’m not saying this to be mean, I think you’re on the right track … but as a reader, I’m getting very mixed messages. Keep pushing yourself further!

Katie said...

Thank you for sharing your heart without fear :) It is encouraging!

Monic Sutter said...

this is such a moving post!
thank you for sharing !
Simply Sutter

Kelly said...

These photos are stunning and this skirt is beautiful! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring quote!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Katie McC said...

I am so glad you are back! I think everyone has gone through that (or at least I know I have), not knowing who we are or asking, why am I here, what is my purpose? I can say I am so completely different than I was in Elementary School-High School. I was a shy girl who was afraid to speak up and be myself. I truly found my voice through fashion. I was able to voice myself without speaking to much and over the years, God completely renewed me and gave me this strength and confidence in Christ, more than I have ever know before. Although this process was long and I am still very much being refined everyday, I can see the work of God so apparent in my life, even through all those moments when I thought he wasn't there. Right now God is showing me who I am in Christ and the foundation on which I was created. We are the children of God and even more specifically his beloved daughters. Beauty to the eye might be external but true beauty comes within and I can see your beauty, its in your soul, your writing. You are beautiful because you were made in God's image! And it's true for all of us. =)

Alexandra said...

Congratulations on the positive outlook! Acceptance is wonderful place to be with yourself. I think once you can get around all the insecurities and get them in your rear view mirror they suddenly start to look very small.

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Huong said...

I'm on the same journey, so I totally get what you mean!

Al said...

Such beautiful words! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

lesleigh // pearls on a string said...

I love your honesty! I think this resonates with so many women.


Jade Wright said...

I found this post insanely inspirational, awakening and truly beautiful. Your photographer friend really is incredibly talented and that quote you wrote on the back was gorgeous!!!


Ruth Acuna said...

Thank you for sharing this post with us. You are so beautiful and I am very happy you are back.

Karen said...

I agree with Olivia. Of course, I'm not saying this to be mean either, but I feel like this post is easy for you to say because you ARE beautiful and I'm sure you get that a lot! However, what about those people who aren't ever told they are beautiful? Whether they're told that it's inside or outside. It's incredibly hard for them to find confidence in their own skin when they have never heard the words "You're beautiful". This was indeed a very inspirational post and I enjoyed seeing yet another beautiful woman come to terms with her inner and outer beauty, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it was just that easy...

prettyloved said...

Beautiful pictures!! :)

Nascim Alnaam said...

Thank you very much

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