What you need to know about heroin addiction

Heroin causes the strongest euphoria – a feeling of joy, happiness, security. Many say that this feeling is difficult to describe in words and once you feel the heroin “flash” – will be remembered for life. Indeed in the power of heroin is his treachery. No one can stand up to it. Many people have mistakenly thought that they are strong, smart, able to control their intake, but in the end after some time, the strong, clever man turns into a drug addict who is willing to love all doses of narcotics.


How to recognize heroin addiction


– Slit pupils that do not spread in the darkness

– Scratching

– Disturbed speech and movements

– Pale skin, sores on the skin, traces of injections


Physical dependence on heroin


Physical dependence is characteristic for heroin. If people do not take on time a dose of narcotics, in the body appears narcotic hunger – Crisis: nervousness, sneezing, yawning, tears, stomach cramps, nervousness in the legs, feeling hot and cold, low back pain, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia. This is very unpleasant, painful condition that lasts for one week when removing the heroin, up to a month. With increasing experience, i.e. The length of drug abuse symptoms become more difficult and the person cannot remove drugs or stop using drugs. Usually after unsuccessful attempts to take off at home, drug addicts think about treatment, detoxification. Some of them are going to the hospital consciously in order to reduce the dose to be rejuvenated. The point is that getting used to the drug requires a constant increase in dose to feel the famous “flash”.


Mental addiction to heroin


Psychological dependence on heroin is persistent, uncontrollable, consists of obsessive thoughts, memories, desires for narcotics. In different languages used about the same thing – the Russian desire, pulls like a magnet; light – burning in the head and does not give peace; the Serbian worm in his head; in English: a bullet in the head; Italian for a concussion. The need for drugs is so strong that it is often compared with the hunger and thirst that a person cannot resist the power of the will, it is at the level of instinctive reactions. People are lying to themselves, many, threaten, blackmail, pray – all just to satisfy their own thirst. Another problem is that the psychological dependence can occur after a few weeks and months of abstinence from drugs. Enhancing the desire for drugs contribute to meetings with comrades who are taking drugs, drinking alcohol, marijuana, and other psychoactive substances, depression, boredom. Then the person says, “I do not know how it happened, legs led me there alone, it was stronger than me, I was not thinking about the consequences, I thought it would just take more time.” But when buying drugs, they usually buy and for the following morning. There is no “one more time.”


Personality changes due to heroin addiction


Personality changes that are manifested as mendacity, uselessness, lack of moral principles, undisciplined, selfish, manipulating the environment in order to achieve their interests. Drug addicts are skilled psychologists – they know when they need a little cry when to admit their mistakes, when to promise that everything will be all right because you still are hoping. But mostly it’s a lie – in the morning the addict tells one thing, and in the evening does something entirely different.


Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!